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November 29, 2021
Al-Ahly Benghazi To Petition FIFA Over Transfer Deal With Tanzania's Simba SC

Al-Ahly Benghazi To Petition FIFA Over Transfer Deal With Tanzania’s Simba SC

Libyan sports club, Al-Ahly Sports Cultural & Social Club known as Al-Ahly SCSC in Benghazi, Libya is understood to be plotting to report Tanzanian club side, Simba SC, to the world governing body for football, FIFA with serious allegations against the Tanzanian sports club.

An earlier report of the Libyan club’s move has it that Al-Ahly Benghazi is set to report the Tanzanian side, Simba SC to the Federation of International Football Association for violating its August transfer agreement for the transfer involving Malina midfielder, Sadio Kanouté.

The 24 years old Central midfielder, Sadio Kanoute officially left Al Ahly Benghazi for Tanzanian giants Simba SC Tanzania in a deal supposed worth around 150,000 US dollars.

Tanzanian’s Simba SC sealed the transfer deal of Kanoutè from Al-Ahly for $150,000 but was understood to have only paid the sum of 100,000 US dollars with an agreement to round off the pay balance in October 2021 which they haven’t paid according to Al-Ahly.

Kanoute was one of Mali’s top performers at the CHAN 2020 tournament and has had a good football at Al-Ahly which made Simba SC keenly sue for his transfer deal in August and was granted by the Al-Ahly.

However, the Libyan sports club, Al-Ahly has reportedly alleged breach of contract following the refusal to pay the balance of 50,000 US dollars in October by Simba SC which is against the agreement they had prior to the completion of Kanoute’s transfer deal.

The Libyan club side will be reporting the Tanzanian club side to FIFA over the seemingly unforeseen development.

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