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January 24, 2022
Somalia’s president suspended PM over an allegation of corruption and abuse of authority

Somalia’s Prime Minister suspended over an allegation of corruption and abuse of power

Somalia’s president has on Monday suspended the Prime Minister courtesy of a suspected corruption case whilst the later term the action as a coup attempt as the struggle to gain power become imminent between the two leaders

President Mohammed Abdullahi has accused the country’s Prime Minister, Mohammed Hussein Roble of illegally taking over land owned by the Somali National Army (SNA)

Following the suspension of the Prime Minister on an alleged case of corruption, Mr. Roble responded by terming the President’s decision to be unconstitutional and the move was made to cripple the ongoing election.

The suspended prime minister has also given an order to the security personnel to stop taking commands from the president rather; he should be the one that gives the command they are to obey.

While giving a short remark on the move made by the president via Facebook, the suspended prime minister said: “The move was an open coup attempt against the government and the national constitution”

“The aim of the illegal, crooked steps… is to derail the election and illegally remain in office”

In Somalia, a parliamentary election was begun on Nov. 1 which was expected to be completed by December 24 but just a very few numbers (257) representatives have been elected so far

The dispute between the two political tycoons of Somalia has drawn attention from the international countries like the US and UK who chipped in to urge both sides to not escalate this chaos between them and further told the both to do away with violence in their country

The president has also come out publicly to strip off the Commander of Marin Forces, Gen. Abdulhamid Dirir his position with the same allegation of corruption and was therefore strict investigation.

Minister Abdirahman Yusuf Omar Adala who is the Assistant Information Minister on Monday confirm the suspension of the Prime Minister and revealed that the state has deployed a number of armed forces to surround his area in other to prevent Mr. Roble from carrying out his official and constitutional task as the Prime Minister.

Mohammed and Roble are accused for the slow pace at which the parliamentary election is going on in the country which was raven by persistent militant attack and clash of clans

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