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4 most conducive places to visit in Egypt during winter in 2022

4 most conducive places to visit in Egypt during winter in 2022

Egypt is one of the tourist’s preferred destinations in winter, at it usually has a temperature of 23-24 C on average.

Egypt as a country had her citizen follow strict precautionary Covid – 19 measures to prevent the spread of the virus and also safeguard her visitors from the contraction of the virus.

All tourism workers in tourism establishments such as hotels, cafes, restaurants and also, tourism transportation in the Red Sea, South Sinai, and Aswan had been vaccinated against the deadly covid-19

In this article, we highlighted the four most conducive areas in Egypt you wouldn’t want to miss this winter. These are:

Luxo and Aswan

Luxo and Aswan are among the warmest cities in visit you should visit. They are part of the best destination for tourists to go for a vacation.

The sun rises for over 10 hours daily during sum and more than 8 hours a day in winter.

Luxor and Aswan are situated in Southern Egypt and they contained half of the world’s monuments.

While Luxor is widely known as the world’s greatest open-air museum because of its special archaeological treasures. It is also the second most visited place in Egypt after Cairo, Luxo, on the other hand, a most popular place to visit is Luxo temples and Karnak and also the valley of the kings and the queens

Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh is popularly known for its warm weather and verities of amazing beaches that attract many outsiders during winter.

Sharm el-sheikh is one of the world’s extraordinary diving destinations.

Tourists usually troop in yearly to the city to enjoy and attest to the amazing mountains, exotic coral reefs, mesmerizing clear blue water, and gorgeous beaches around Sharm El-Sheikh


Meaning gold was At one point, Dahab was the main eye-catching location for tourists. The city is famously known for the special color of the sand which is yellow and shiny. After Sharm El-Sheikh, it is the second most preferred diving destination in South Sinai

Recently, the Egyptian ministry of tourism and antiquities launched a digital campaign called, sunny Christmas on social media platform to promote the country’s top travel destination for winter 2022

This move was to entice tourists from foreign countries like UK, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, and the US and showcase the amazing environment that will definitely suit any tourist who comes for vacation or on an official tour.

The CEO of the Egyptian general authority for tourism activation, Amr Kady, said that the launching of this campaign coincides with the festive period in other to attract more tourists from outside to this country

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