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South Africa’s young activist hails Desmond Tutu’s outstanding legacy as they pay last respect to the Nobel Peace Prize winner
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South Africa young activists hail Desmond Tutu’s outstanding legacy as they pay last respect to the Nobel Peace Prize winner

South Africa young activists hail Desmond Tutu and regard him as a role model for standing against global injustice as they queued in line on Friday to pay their last respect to the anti-apartheid hero whose body is laid to rest at St George’s Cathedral in Cape town

Desmond Tutu who is a Nobel Prize winner is widely known across the different races and cultures in South Africa for his active role, moral rectitude and heartily fight against the white minority rule.

“We as young activists believe the arch stood for the same value that we want to aspire to in society,” said Irfaan Mangera, who is a pro-Palestinian South African activist while giving a short remark after he has paid his respect to the deceased Tutu and recounts how he had to wait for long time queue before getting to his turn to.

In addendum, Mangera said: “The Arch was one of the figures who continuously united us against oppressive  systems  globally, locally and we want to continue in the path as young South African activists who emulate the cause of non-racialism and non-sexism”

Mourn and celebrations of the deceased icon, Desmond Tutu

Among other mourners was Mandla Mandela who is the grandson of South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela, and who is has also  a friend and ally of Tutu

Mr. Mandla Mandela says: “People like arch were able to lead protests and marches right here in the cape and this is why, when we look back at his life, we are celebrating today and particularly with his support for oppressed nations across the globe”

While waiting for the arrival of Desmond tutu coffin, members of the clergy and church wardens hard form a line to serve as a guard of honor for the deceased while the Cathedral’s marching band was a band so loudly that it echoes all around the corners of the environment

Desmond Tutu eldest daughter, Thandeka Tutu was all teary and hugged her sister after climbing out of the hearse. Tutu’s body was finally laid to rest on Thursday and a mass funeral was scheduled to take place on Saturday which shall host the South African’s president, Ramaphosa

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