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January 24, 2022
South Africa House Of Parliament In Cape Town On Fire
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South Africa House Of Parliament In Cape Town On Fire

A major fire broke out in the early hour of Sunday in the South Africa House Of Parliament. According to the video seen online, dark smoke plumed out hovering around the sky.

The fire outbreak occurs a few hours after Archbishop. Desmond Tutu’s state funeral held at St GEORGE’S CATHEDRAL which was close to the parliament

“The roof has caught fire and the National Assembly building is also on fire,” a spokesman for the city’s emergency services told the AFP news agency, requesting reinforcements at the scene.

“The fire is not under control and cracks in the walls of the building have been reported,” he added.

Firefighters are already seen at the scene by 7:30 am according to the local time trying to subdue and quench out the fire.

The country’s minister of Public Works Mrs Patricia de Lille however while giving update on the situation, she said that the fire outbreak in the chamber of the council of provinces (the parliament’s upper house) has been curbed while that in the main national assembly building was still blazing.

Although, it is quite lucky that the parliament is not currently in session as the the parliamentary members are still on holidays

The houss of parliament situated at Cape Town is made of three different section including the oldest which was build back in 1884. the newer sections was built in 1920s and in 1980s, the national assembly house was built.

Last year as well, similar case was reported fire outbreak was reported to have engulfed the University of Cape Town’s library. A library that was a home to special collection of African records.

According to the source, no casualties have been recorded and the major cause of the fire outbreak is still unknown.

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