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January 24, 2022
Mali requested 5 years delay of their election to the West African Union
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Mali requested 5 years delay of their election to the West African Union

Mali requested 5 years delay of their election to the West African Union. The interim authorities have proposed to its West African counterpart that a shift of administration to democracy after the 2020 military coup should be suspended for five years.

The transitional government had initially agreed to carry out the presidential and legislative election in February 2022, 18 months after colonel Assimi Gotta championed the topple of president Boubacar Ibrahim Keita

Ever since then, no progress has been made for the transition, but however always blaming disorganization and a rash of Islamist violence.

A conference charged with proposing an election timetable thus on Thursday said that the election should be delayed by 6 months to five years

After a meeting with Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo-Addo, the chairman of the 15 members of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), who is Mali’s foreign minister Abdoulaye Diop said he had proposed the upper bound of the interval.

In his press briefing, the minister said: “what was retained was a duration of five years. That’s the issue that we presented. But it’s a question of indicating this period, it’s the maximum”

An ECOWAS spokesperson was not available for comment. The organization is striving to hold the pressure against the military coup in the country that until recently have seems to have shed its stance as Africa’s coup belt

The overthrown President, Gotta staged a coup which was the second one in May 2021 when was successful and therefore topple the then-interim president that took over after Keita ouster him from power.

Due to the imminent delay in transferring government activities to the civilian by the military, ECOWAS has imposed sanctions on Malian officials over the delay and promised more if an election failed to hold in the country by February 2022 Mali’s action has also led to another tension between them and France who is their former colonial power. This led to the deployment of thousands of military men across West Africa’s Sahel region to battle Islamist insurgents

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