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January 24, 2022
Egypt’s president, Al-Sisi assures support for Chad during its transitional phase
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Egypt’s president, Al-Sisi assures support for Chad as they undergo a transitional phase

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt has assured Egypt utmost support for Chad during the latter current transitional phase and as well promise to foster a respectable relationship between the two countries on various level

Al-Sisi also reminisce on the distinguished historical relations between these two countries and promise to uphold the union between them

The Egyptian president remark came when he met with Chad’s Head of the transitional Military Council, Mohamed Idris Deby at Al-Ittihadiya palace Cairo

Al Sisi furthered reveal his forever interest in cooperating with Chad in the area of building capacity for development and refinement of Chadian cadres in various disciplines and as well contribute in maximizing securities, intelligence and military cooperation to help  Chad combat terrorism and extremist ideologies in the country

Deby haven given the assurance by Al-Sisi couldn’t contain his joy as he was overwhelmed with the close relations between the two countries. He further expressed his deep gratitude for Egypt’s support during the current most sensitive stage that Chad is passing through.

Debby also emphasized the existence of broad prospects for developing relations and advancing cooperation.

Conclusively, the meeting was filled with developmental discussions which are centred around how to  advance bilateral cooperation between the two countries and a number of regional issues of mutual concern, especially the developments in Libya

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